What is my work about? How does one talk about the process? It seems unquantifiable and outside the realm of language. But I guess I can say that my work is generally about beauty, transformation and light. These seem to be the driving principles not only in my work, but in my life. In fact, I don't actually make much distinction between myself, my work and my life, for they are all part of the larger expression of whatever that mysterious pattern is which is coordinating inside and around us all. Hmm. Maybe that is more to the point, actually. Beauty, transformation and light are absolutely principles that inspire me, processes that I partake in, but behind that, it is the mystery, the conscious patterning inside of life that so inspires, and moves me ever to continue in the creative process of the question. For that is what it is, truly, just a process involving a question, the question of life, consciosness, origin, the great mystery, and art the effluvia of that inner process.