Salom´┐Ż on the New Mexico Prairie

Salomé Starbuck was born in Juneau, Alaska. She is part Tlingit Alaskan Native, with Cherokee, Japanese, English, Irish, Scottish and German. She left Alaska at the age of 4, after her parents split up and she was sent to live with her father in California, where she was raised, more or less, living a somewhat transient life as a child. Her father had a penchant for wandering and Salomé found herself in various new age meccas, up and down the west coast. She spent a great portion of her childhood alone, but found deep comfort in the company of nature. She has always known that nature itself was and is alive and conscious and this inner relationship to nature has affected not only her work but her whole psychological outlook in life. Salomé went to the streets of Santa Cruz, CA when she was 12 years old, where she found community with people of a like mind and passion, and through the exploration of altered states of consciousness Salomé derived an education of mind which both suited her long term nature, and served as a foundation for the continuing creative process of her life. Salomé has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, since 1989, where she attended the Institute of American Indian art, first for a Associate degree in Fine Art, and Later for her B.F.A.